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Undertoe Mexico

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How to find us

UnderToe Mexico SUP Adventures is located in the center of downtown Mahahual on the “Malecon” (a wide paved walkway along the beach front). Our shop is located at Ibiza Sunset Beach Club. You will find us there on beach.

The safe and quaint village of Mahahual is just about a 5 minute drive from the port.

Customers can reach us by shuttle bus or outside taxis, both will drop you at the same location. Inside shuttles are operated by the port and are the easiest to get to, but they take longer and cost more. They charge $3 per person and you often have to wait a few minutes for the bus to leave. Ibiza Sunset is the 2nd stop. The outside taxis are much faster with no wait. They will drive you directly to Ibiza Sunset Beach Club and cost only $2 per person.

Street view of where to get out of taxi/shuttle

There is a local vegetable market, right in front of where you will get out of the taxi or shuttlebus. Follow the walkway past the Harbor Master, towards the beach (about 100ft). Once you reach the Malecon, Ibiza Sunset is directly to your right.

If you want to take a taxi, you have to leave the port area and walk about 100 yards to the outside taxi stand. The port staff will try direct you to their shuttles inside the port area. Just say you are looking for the exit and not a taxi!