PSUPA Flat-Water Instructor Course & Yoga Teacher training($1050.00)


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PSUPA (Professional Stand Up Paddle Association) Flat-Water Instructor & Yoga Teacher training certification (4 DAY COURSE  May 25 – May 28).


The Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association (PSUPA, is an internationally recognized education association of like-minded paddling professionals, established by leaders in the SUP industry, dedicated to promoting the sport of Stand Up Paddling through instruction and community support.

we cannot guarantee you will achieve a certification simply by taking the course. To ensure that you will get the most out of the certification course, you must be prepared for the commitment. Please read the prerequisites for the certification program and verify with our Instructor Trainer to determine if you are qualified to take the course. Our standards are high, but achievable, if you are prepared for the certification course.

Pre-Requisites requirements:

  • Have current hands-on (i.e., not Internet-based) First Aid/CPR certification or Wilderness First Aid or Lifeguard Training certification or the equivalent for your location.
  • Be in good overall physical shape, be able to swim 200 yards and be able to lift and carry all equipment.
  • Be able to launch and land a board safely, as well as safely fall from and remount a board.
  • Be comfortable walking on a SUP board and comfortable balancing in various water conditions.
  • Know basic SUP paddling techniques and be able to maintain directional control of a board, including various strokes for turning and paddling straight.
  • Be able to paddle a minimum of 3-5 miles in varied conditions – for example, flatwater and bumpy.
  • Have at least basic knowledge of paddling equipment, SUP terms and history of the sport.
  • Have positive interpersonal skills.
  • Hold current PSUPA membership. Go here to sign up.
  • Sign liability form, provided by Instructor Trainer. *** This is not a course for beginners.
  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher or in-training. If in-training, you will sign a contract stating that you can’t offer classes until your yoga teacher training is complete.
  • Two yoga industry professional references.


Curriculum includes:

  • Water safety, rescue techniques, weather and water conditions
  • On-water group management and communication
  • SUP Equipment
  • How to teach/introduce stand up paddling
  • Paddle concepts and techniques
  • SUP gear and equipment
  • Lesson formats
  • Anchoring and tethering techniques
  • Each student will practice teaching classmates (including setting anchor)
  • Yoga pose modifications to work with SUP and sample routines


Benefits of certification

  • PSUPA Certification Valid for 4 Years
  • Professional training/certification from a globally recognized organization dedicated to Standup Paddling
  • Access to members/ instructors / industry experts
  • Listing / promoting your business from organization
  • Pro deals from some of the top retailers / outfitters
  • Promotion for your business