PSUPA Instructor Trainer




Be in good overall physical shape

Be able to swim 200 yards and be able to lift and carry all equipment.

Be able to launch and land a board safely, as well as safely fall from and remount a board.

Current First Aid / CPR training Pass on-water skills demonstration & written test

Should have at least 50 hours of paddling experience.

Demonstrate with confidence: paddling in a straight line, turns and effectively stopping

Know more than basic SUP paddling techniques including various strokes for turning and paddling straight.

Demonstrate good working knowledge of channel markers and rules for boat traffic

Have a good knowledge of paddling equipment, SUP terms.

Have positive interpersonal skills.

1+ years experienced as an active Flat Water 1 & 2 Instructor

Be able to assess and identify correct/incorrect paddling technique

Minimum age 21 Strong risk management skills

Understand laws and regulations that apply to conducting SUP lessons

Understand ways to minimize environmental impacts (social & natural)

Commit to being an active instructor and hold at least 1 certification course annually

Commit to being an active, responsive and contributing member of PSUPA by participating in group discussions and providing/creating material for newsletters and manuals

Approval of PSUPA Directors


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